Malibu Pier Sunrise, Ca – Stawberry Stardust
What a wonderful morning…. me quietly perched in the cool sand admiring this crazy show… like a circus of light that only i had a ticket to…… me and a few unimpressed seaguls…(clown music please), I was here early… and i saw it all happen nice and slowly…. shot a full 8 gig card of the entire morning, many compositions, even some video with me smiling of course. I keep mentioning video… because I’ve been filming a lot of these experiences. I’m secretly working on some video episodes of my travels…. complete with my own soundtrack of life…. it’s gonna be fun to put together, time permitting of course. It will be part of my website (if I ever finish the DANG thing), anyway…. back to this image…. these skies happen rarely while you’re seeking them out. Full explosion of light that reaches as far as the eye can see, in all directions! A monkey could take a picture at this moment and it would be national geographic worthy… well, not really, but you get my point. When magic out ways the dull and drab….. when the balance of ordinary is overpowered by the brilliance of hope, chance and the unexpected…when you can literally see color floating in the air all around you like hot summer fireflies in a little quiet parking lot in the country… it’s easy to capture a moment like this. Drink up…. strawberry stardust is the drink of the day. These moments are like the fountain of youth to me and I’m so god damn thirsty these days for inspiration. It’s amazing how much reflection can happen in these moments…. on the water and in your own mind. Most of time it happens so fast… the winds of change… and it’s hard to notice that you’re in the moment of it at all… so let’s give thanks to the camera today and to memories that are worth remembering. La La La… life is but a dream.

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By ™ Pacheco on 2010-04-14 21:36:15
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News story posted on 2017-02-02 writerTravelMalibu Pier Sunrise, Ca - Stawberry StardustWhat a wonderful morning.... me quietly perched in the cool sand admiring this crazy show... like a circus of light that only i had a ticket to...... me and a few unimpressed seaguls...(clown music please), I was here early... and i saw it...News&Hot Stuff